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Foot And Ankle Specialists For All Of Your Needs

Dr. Robert Gerber is a foot and ankle specialist based in Evanston, Illinois, and head of the Gerber Podiatry Clinic. At the clinic, we treat ailments ranging from sports injuries to complications related to diabetes.

Your Feet Are Our Concern

At the Gerber Podiatry Clinic in Evanston, Illinois, we have worked with foot and ankle issues of all kinds, and we understand our patients' suffering. That's why we focus on designing therapies, including surgery, physical therapy, and orthotics tailored to each patient.

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Areas of Specialty

We have many areas of specialty, covering almost any foot or ankle problem. You can count on us to provide diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for any of the following maladies.

Foot Problems
Diabetic Care  Metatarsalgia • Morton's Neuroma • Neuropathy • Arch Pain - Blisters, Bunions, Corns, and Calluses • Heel Pain (Including Spurs and Cracks) - Smelly/Sweaty Feet • Ischemic Foot Conditions

Foot Problems
Ulcers • Dry Skin • Toenail Issues (Ingrowths, Fungus, Cutting) • Deformed Toes (Overlapping Toes, Mallet Toes, Claw Toe, Hammer Toe) • Gout • Arthritis • Ganglion Cysts • Infections

Ankle Problems
Achilles Tendonitis • Achilles Rupture • Ankle Sprains

Sports Injuries
Pronation • Sesamoiditis • Shin Splints • Iliotibial Band Syndrome • Athlete's Foot • Plantar Fasciitis